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Gardeners’ World

We at Gwlad Towers have not always seen eye-to-eye with the WRUs recently departed CEO Roger Lewis. However, we are not unfeeling animals – who could not be moved by the sight of a once powerful individual stripped of all power and dignity?  It is our duty, in fact the duty. Of. All of. Welsh Rugby to ensure that Mr Lewis is given all the support he needs at this difficult time.

Professional advice in this field recommends that people who find themselves suddenly workless should do their utmost to keep motivated and busy. Learning new skills, taking up new hobbies or simply getting out of the house is important. To this end, we have clubbed together to buy Mr Lewis a gift bundle which, we hope, will make the period before his official leaving date in October simply fly by.

Professional Training
Keeping up to date with the latest developments in the corporate world will ensure that Mr Lewis is back at the top in no time at all. Without access to the WRUs in-house training budget, he may find it more difficult to access the kind of inventory required to pay for relevant saw-sharpening opportunities. Mr Lewis should not worry as we have put together a useful training package:

  • Positive Thinking: Problems are just the pregnant mothers of solutions
  • How to set up a dormant company
  • Social Media for Idiots
  • Pointing the Way: How the correct use of bullet points could save your life

Gardeners World subscription
Downtime.  After the cut and thrust of the corporate world and the intellectual stimulation of our corporate training programme, any aspiring executive needs to recharge those batteries.  With the weather warming, now is the perfect time to get out into the garden and prepare the ground for the growing season. It is Mr Lewis’ fortune that he has this spare time now, rather than in October when the growing season has finished.  It might also be a good time to fix garden furniture and to mend fences, although it could be too late for that. Perhaps it’s best to just throw them away.

Teach Yourself Folk Harp
Mr Lewis is a proud Welshman, a talented musician who has played for Elton John, a former DJ and was at one time the most powerful man in pop. When the weather turns and he’s unable to get out into the garden, the option of learning a new musical instrument may prove tempting. We’re sure that a quality harp would complete Mr Lewis’ music room, maybe even nestling underneath the Kyffin Williams original which his lifelong passion for the artist’s work compelled him to buy just two days after Kyffin’s death.

We’re sure Mr Lewis will shortly find another outlet for his unique skills, probably before October, and hopefully a long way away from Welsh rugby.  In the meantime, we hope these gifts go some way to filling the intervening seven months.

For. The. Good of. All. Wales.