Copy’n’paste and Churnalism Union

In honour of the output of this proud nation’s very finest newspapers of record, we hereby serve notice of the establishment of CACHU, a Union for churnalists journalists…um…people who write stuff devoted to copying other people’s work word for word and passing it off as your own bringing the very best writing from around the world to a Welsh audience and passing it off as your own (look, I’ve warned you about this – ed).

The new Union will launch with its first annual dinner, to be held on 24th November 1899 at Windsor Castle 31st September 2015 at Treherbert Nandos.  Those interested in attending are encouraged to google invites for similar events and edit them appropriately with the relevant details.   That should do the job nicely.

The menu for the evening will include:

  • Alphabet Soup
  • Bread and locally churned butter
  • Deep-fried Clickbait Whitebait
  • Freshly cut Asparagus with poached egg and roasted garlic paste
  • Half-baked chicken with badly spelt risotto
  • Injunctions and Petit-Fours will be served after just dessert
  • To finish:  The plagiarism platter – a selection of meals from other restaurants served in exactly the same way as they serve it without their knowledge.

This gala dinner will be an excellent event providing attendees with the opportunity to network with new and existing buyers from around the world that we may not have been able to reach independently eat some chicken with well-respected fellow members of CACHU and find out more about the best place to rip off some free content  source the very best of international rugby writing.

A warm welcome to all.


(with thanks to Gethin76 and Alcyone)

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