Gareth Davies’ email/letter to clubs

Subject: WRU Board appointment

Dear Club Secretary, Committee Members and colleagues in Welsh rugby

I have been overwhelmed by the very positive reaction of my election, by you, to the Board of the Welsh Rugby Union as a National Director.

Subsequent to that result, I have been approached by a number of people encouraging me to stand as Chairman of the Union in succession to David Pickering.

I am writing to you to ascertain if that is what the clubs really want, and if so, to encourage you to mandate your District representatives accordingly, so that the Board’s decision is in fact the wish of the whole of the game in Wales.

I also need to better understand the role of WRU Chairman, and before confirming my intention to stand, I have written to the Group CEO of the WRU asking for a job description/specification, so that I can be fully briefed on the position and what the job entails and what mandate the role carries.



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