BBC Unsung Hero Award

The BBC Unsung hero award is presented each year to the person who has contributed a huge amount of benefit to their chosen sport working tirelessly behind the scenes, in dignity and silence.

This year, Gwladrugby would like to propose Mr Roger Lewis of the WRU, for his dignified silence in running the Welsh rugby union. So silent has he been, in fact, that Gwladrugby can sensationally announce that Wales were initially not entered into next years world cup in England, as other IRB nations thought the WRU had ceased to exist.

Here are some of the answers to the questions that form part of the award:

How long have they been involved?
Since the start. Roger has always been there. And he does everything. All the time. He single-handedly won three grand slams (in silence), reduced the stadium debt (with dignity), won a rugby sevens world cup, despite there only being one of him and was the progenitor of the new, dignified and silent version of the Welsh National anthem ‘Mm mmm mmmmm mmm mmm-mmmmm’.

How much time do they give up on a weekly basis?
Roger gives up a huge amount of his time each week, involving himself in all sorts of nationwide political projects, many of which, he hopes, could bring him huge success in the future.

How many people have they helped?
Everybody. His mantra is ‘For the good of all Welsh rugby’ so, whether you are aware of it or not, if you are involved in Welsh rugby, Roger has helped you. Personally.

Have their efforts benefited the community at all?
Just read the testimonials:
‘I likes our new clubhouse, wherever it came from’ – Kevin Cribber
‘Since Roger restructured the leagues, we now get to play sides in Tasmania, the Ukraine and Ulan Bator. This is bound to benefit their communities’ – Tom T. Pridd.
‘In the drive to rehome abandoned ex-international rugby players, Mr Lewis’ support for the BBC Wales community scrumv memorial pasture has been immense’ – Derwyn (surname removed to preserve anonymity)

Have their efforts inspired more people to participate in the sport?
Yes, absolutely. Since Roger has been involved in Rugby, literally thousands of Wales’ finest young talent have flocked to football, cricket and many other sports too.

Do they work alone or as part of a team?
Roger flies in the rarefied atmosphere of the jetstream of business ideologies. He thinks beyond teamwork, and then beyond that. He doesn’t work alone, nor does he work as part of a team. The team works as part of Roger. That’s the kind of blue-sky hero we are dealing with here.

What makes them stand out?
If the rumours are correct, any form of criticism could result in his offering to stand outside with you.

This is a man with a saw so sharp, he is able to cut away individual clubs, or indeed, whole leagues without them feeling or indeed knowing anything. A flautist, a human router in the sense that he controls the sport’s informational ingestion and egestion process, Imagineering the narrative, going forward but not forgetting the past, and the shiny new Grand slams.

For the benefit of all Welsh rugby. Amen.

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