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Another Quiz

So we have established that you have gone off and told your potential large customer that they are ruining your industry.

A few months later you become aware that they are about to invest a large sum of money into a consortium of your suppliers. This will enable your suppliers to keep some of their assets, which you get to use on a regular basis too, to help you generate your income. If they don’t keep these assets, you won’t be able to use them so often, and they will wear out quicker.

How do you react to this?

A)     Phone the consortium members and offer your hearty congratulations; or

B)      Make a point of going to your PR company and publically congratulate the consortium for finding some additional inventory via their website ; or

C)      Do nothing; or

D)     Telephone the manager of the small local office of the large customer and ask that the large customer doesn’t complete the deal with the consortium of suppliers, and that they should spend the money with you. And then be astonished to be told that the local office won’t even approach their superiors as the local manager knows what the answer will be after your performance at their head office a few months ago.

Obviously, the answer is D).

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