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WRU National Appointed Director Candidates – Dai Davies

There are five candidates for two National Appointed Director positions on the WRU Board.  The two successful candidates will be announced at the forthcoming WRU AGM.

We’ve been able to secure copies of the letters sent out to clubs by some of the candidates.   We’ll publish these over the next few days.

The following is the letter sent to clubs by Dai Davies of Newtown RFC in support of his candidature:


Dear Secretary, Committee Members and Club Members,

I am writing to let you know that I have been nominated to stand as a candidate in the election to the Board of the Welsh Rugby Union.

I respectfully ask for your support, hopefully the following information will enable you to fully consider my candidature.

In writing this letter I am conscious that I have not played rugby at a high level, in fact my playing career, if it can be termed as such, was restricted to the lower teams in Newtown RFC. What I’m confident of however is that my background within the game stands me in very good stead to represent you, the member clubs of the Union.

I have been involved in rugby administration for over 45 years, as a founder member of Newtown RFC. I was Fixture Secretary for some 21 years, chairman for three years and am currently Club Secretary. I’m well aware of the problems faced by clubs within the Community Game.

I became involved in District affairs as a member of the Mid Wales District, I then represented the club as a member of District J, and was elected chairman, a position I held for some three years. I was then elected as member of the WRU League Management Committee, this during a time of tremendous change within the Union, a position I held until the committee’s role changed following reorganisation.

During this time I was also a member of a sub committee discussing reorganisation under the chairmanship of Sir Tasker Watkins. This report gave me an insight into some of  the changes which were needed to further the interests of the game at all levels.

I am currently chairman of the North Wales Rugby Council, and work very closely with Rugby Gogledd Cymru (RGC), their General Manager, Academy Staff and many others who are working extremely hard to promote the game. The Under 20 Internationals have been played at Parc Eirias with great success. Is this possibly a model which could be replicated in other areas of Wales?

The national teams have enjoyed wonderful success in the last decade, and I congratulate and applaud the efforts of all involved. We’ve all had a little extra bounce in our step when the results have gone our way, and Welsh rugby’s reputation as “punching above its weight” is well earned.

Let’s not forget however where it all begins, yes with you the clubs, the grassroots and backbone of the game, not only having to manage your clubs and all that involves administratively and financially, seeking out sponsors, advertisers and vice presidents. Added to that you have the challenge of arranging Junior teams, encouraging schools to be more active in the promotion and playing of rugby football. We all hope that the recommendations in Josh Lewsy’s recent report will be implemented. Recent happenings within the WRU may not have always helped your causes, and the Union’s reputation being somewhat tarnished, as eloquently explained by Gerald Davies, has not helped.

Some issues which cause me concern include the restructuring of the leagues, now resolved but with over 40% of clubs unhappy with the outcome; changes to the Club Audit, Youth Rugby, loss of players in certain age groups and  Regional Rugby although not the responsibility of the clubs, yet it has an effect on the way in which we are all perceived.

There are difficulties and challenges ahead of us all, but let me assure you that if elected I will do all I can to represent you the clubs, and believe me will not be found wanting as a WRU Board member. Please feel free to contact me [contact details redacted]. Once again, respectfully, I ask for your support.

Warmest regards,

Dai Davies.