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Climbing the mountain of Conflict

A slight change of direction for Gwladrugby this week as we proudly present our new feature, our first ever online quiz.

To take part, watch the following video and then choose the correct answer to the question.


Read each of the following Roger Lewis quotes very carefully. The video contains clues.

In which of these quotations is Roger discussing rugby?

1. We have to create critical mass and that means all 10 authorities having to very cleverly and smartly leverage the unique positions that each occupies in South East Wales.

2. Today we have created base camp and we are at Storey Arms and if we are to climb Pen y Fan together we have got to create a huge amount of trust and confidence; firstly around the board table with a shared sense of vision and strategic direction

3. On not one occasion in those discussions did we have a cross word. All discussions were conducted in a professional and business-like manner. The noise outside the room did not reflect what happened within the room.

4. Collectively we have to masterplan the region across all of the disciplines that drive the economy

5. One of the first things for us to discuss is to take a view as a group as to what will give us the best traction. “What we call ourselves is going to be so important and we need to take a view of what is going to leverage the best outcomes for the people of this region. That is going to be a very important debate, as I am acutely aware of the sensitivities of name. “As a group we need to be smart and put on the cloak peg outside the boardroom the issues of the past as if we are parochial we will fail.

Answers on a postcode please. Winners will be announced on November 8th by telepathy, which maintains the dignified and silent stance we are all so used to.

Small print
This article is purely an illustrative example, stored under the aegis of humour, that attempts to imagineer the Roger Lewis/Stuart Pearson nexus and initiate full, frank, and honest debate about the future of the saw-sharpening narrative. No connection to any persons, living, dead or otherwise has been managemented by this disclosural proceduralism.