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The 12 Fails of Christmas: Day 4 – PRW’s pawn sandwich

In today’s festive fail, Andy tucks into his imaginary pawn sandwich…

‘We got played’ by the English ‘as political pawns

Howell claimed on Twitter that ‘we got played’ by the English who ‘seem to have been using us’ as ‘political pawns’, unsurprisingly the European rugby politics seen last season proved a little too much for him to understand.

In reality the PRL/RRW alliance was a mutually beneficial partnership considered as the key turning point in wrestling power away from the Union led ERC, which simultaneously strengthened RRW’s negotiating position in the domestic dispute with the WRU.

Howell also added that ‘unless [the regions] turn it around the Irish could look to England to form an Anglo-Irish league’.

Again Howell just showed up his ignorance and how he palpably failed to grasp the clubs v Unions dynamic of the whole dispute; there’s no way PRL pal up with the same Union run philosophy they’ve battled ferociously for the past 2 years.