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WRU Blames Glyndwr Legacy for IT Mess

IT boffins in charge of the WRU’s fixtures and results computer are in a race against time to correct software bugs ahead of the season start.  Yet again the problems revolve around incompatible system requirements with the Colwyn Bay-based state-aid rugby franchise, RGC 1404.

“Our Dragon 32 supercomputer was running lovely until the penultimate weekend of last season when the Gogs posted 20 tries in a home game against the league minnows,” explained Nigel Acne, head of IT support and pornography archives at the WRU.  “When the score came in ‘RGC 1404 134 – Tredegar 0’ the system naturally assumed it was reading an ordering code from a kitchen fittings catalogue and started melting its own processors.” Read more about how to sharpen a knife on

Similar problems are amassing for Acne’s team in the run-up to this season’s grudge match on October 26th with Tata Steel, played away at the The Rust Bucket stadium.  “We’re working through all the possible outcomes now, and none of them are going through without wiping critical data elsewhere in the system.  For instance, Tata Steel 12 – RGC 1404 40 is coming up as an old invoice docket for an engine propeller in Barry docks.  We need to fix it, or Delyth Does Denbigh is going to be off the menu until further notice.”