The 12 Fails of Christmas: Day 10 – the ‘Nobody Knows’ vs ‘Galacticos’

Andy can’t seem to make up his tiny mind about the Ospreys. He truly has a love-hate relationship with the mighty/shit crisis/super regional powerhouse/basket case. Food for thought.

The ‘nobody knows’ will be ‘fighting it out with the Dragons to avoid being Wales’ bottom finisher’

Howell spent a chunk of pre-season going on about who the Ospreys have lost and branded them the ‘Galacticos’ to ‘nobody knows’ who would be ‘fighting it out’ with the Dragons to avoid being Wales’ bottom finisher.

However when the so called ‘nobody knows’ started the season brightly including an away win at Munster, the self-professed ‘MOST positive supporter of regional rugby’ changed his line to troll the victory.

The win at Thomond Park was ‘very good but not unexpected’ and ‘many would have struggled to name 5′ of the Munster team said Howell.

Given the pre-season talk which touted them as in a bunfight with the Dragons, included statements such as ‘how [the bookies] have made the Ospreys the shortest priced of the four Welsh regions is beyond comprehension’ and brought up Twitter predictions of them coming 10th, you could have fooled me Howell was expecting away wins at Thomond Park from the so called ‘nobody knows’.

Summer signings an ‘indictment of the level of ambition that appears to exist’ at the Ospreys

Howell castigated the lack of big name summer signings from the Ospreys, calling it an ‘indictment of the level of ambition that appears to exist and leaves me incredibly saddened and deeply worried’ (with no acknowledgement or understanding as to why they were in that position).

Funnily enough though, turning the clock back a few years, Howell had some similarly strong views of the signing of a well rated All Black international at the Ospreys. ‘Nothing has incensed me more than hearing James Bater was being released by the Ospreys’ he raged. ‘It irks me when a player such as Bater, is deemed surplus to requirements because his team wants to bring in Jonny Foreigner’, and that they ‘could end up with another dud on their hands’.

Ironically though, in another silly football comparison, Howell asked on Twitter ‘why can’t the regions do the same’ as Atletico Madrid … a team comprised of over 50% foreigners (plus built on a mountain of debt).

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