The 12 Fails of Christmas: Day 11 – Money’s too difficult to mention

A couple of fine examples of Andy’s exemplary grasp of numbers…

‘Our regions rely on state subsidies’

Howell claimed on Twitter that ‘our regions rely on state subsidies’. By ‘state’, he meant WRU, but again his cluelessness on rugby politics is exposed again as he has no grasp of how the system works. In reality the WRU essentially pays RRW for extra release and until recently, enforced wage-inflating restrictions on foreigners, amongst other things. If anything, the previous cripplingly generous 2009 PA deal saw the regions’ backers subsidise the WRU, allowing them privileges on the cheap.

‘Competition money would have fitted the bill for central contracts’ in 1996

Howell also said ‘competition money would have fitted the bill’ for central contracts in 1996; again utterly clueless. ‘Competition money’ back in 1996 was Welsh Premiership, SWALEC Cup and the very early Heineken Cup. At the same time, the WRU had considerable debts that would eventually leave them insolvent in 2003. The idea that Welsh rugby would do anything other than collapse without private finance is absurd.

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