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Internet Troll’s Online Persona Mirrors Offline Life.

Rugby chatsite unter-troll Seamus SaesO’Troll9 reflected sadly yesterday when, 3 years after joining Facebook he has yet to find a single friend. “I did have someone following me on Twitter” he stated yesterday via a keyboard while sitting there in nothing but his pants “right up to the moment that I made my first tweet which was a hilarious exclusive about how Ryan Jones had failed to score a try. AGAIN!!!!! At that point my one existing follower decided to block me. Which is a pity because it seemed that Kandy, from California, had access to a special deal on V1agra tablets that she was willing to let me in on. And believe me, I need as much help as I can get to get it up these days, what with me never meeting any women. Apparently having a sense of humour that hasn’t moved on since I was 12 isn’t as much of a positive boon when it comes to meeting the ladies as I had previously hoped.”