Scarlets Fans Rush to Support Amlin

Scarlets fans the world over are rushing to show their support for Amlin. “I’ve now bought 12 of whatever it is they make / sell / serve” said Scarlets Super Supremo Nigel ’4 out of 6′ Davies. “I can’t wait to see how well the spark plugs / electricity / insurance that they provide will perform in my car / house / person.” he added shortly after the Scarlets seemed to have qualified for the trophy.

Bill McLaren

The whole rugby world has been saddened today with the news of the death of legendary rugby commentator Bill McLaren. For decades he was the voice of rugby, the coiner of so many memorable phrases. He brought our sport to life and helped to etch many great memories on rugby fans’ brains.

Our favourite at Gwlad has to be his commentary on Scott Gibbs’s historic try against England at Wembley in April 1999.

“He’s like the leader in a buffalo stampede that man Scott Gibbs.”

Thanks for all the memories Bill. Hwyl fawr.

Develop Rugby

Develop rugby is a new coaching resource website. The site will contain information for coaches through the format of flash animations and movies. The site will cover information on the following, Handling, Contact, Defence, Kicking and Attack. The site will be updated weekly with up to date information and new ideas that a Coach can take to his / her club. All information is available to download on PDF format. The site is presently live for a brief preview but will be fully launched on March the 1st.

The site has been developed by Iestyn Williams who is currently a Level 3 Coach and also works as a Coach Educator. Iestyn has also been involved with Premiership rugby having played for Cardiff, Ebbw Vale and The Stingrays (Australia).

Develop Rugby also offer a Kicking School service within the South Wales area of Wales. More information about this can be seen on the website (the link is on the right-hand side).

Derek the Weatherman “I’m straight”

Straight.  Fact
Straight. Fact



Wales was again rocked last night after one of it’s most loved superstars made shocking revelations about their sexuality.  Derek “the weatherman” Brockway, much loved star of such shows as BBC Wales 6:30 news and BBC Wales 9:30 news, announced that he was straight.


“Straight as a dye” he told a stunned news conference, “you know, girls and stuff”.


Visibly stunned newsreader Kevin Owens said “that’s taken the wind right out of my sails.  That’s the last time me and Max have him round for a barbeque”, adding “never in a million years”.


Asked what prompted him to make the news public Derek cited the recent actions of former Wales captain Gareth Thomas.  “Not the brave stance he’s taken over declaring his sexuality to a possibly hostile public” said Derek “more because he kept nudging me on Facebook and asking me round for drinks.  I just thought the time had come to set the record straight”.

RGC 1404 Naming Backlash Strikes North Wales Rugby

Plans to rename the WRU’s North Walian regional franchise from its provisional ‘Gogledd Cymru’ (North Wales) to the arguably less catchy ‘RGC 1404’ have been met with stunned silence and incredulity from the team’s fledgling fan base. 

“We had a whole bunch of crowd chants all worked out, and now we have to go back to the drawing board,” commented Euros ap Llewellyn, President of the Rygbi Gogledd Cymru Supporters Association.  “Ones like ‘Goggy, Goggy, Goggy,  Oi, Oi, Oi’ – all bloody wasted now.  Me and Gerallt will have a job composing a new set.  This new name sounds like a bloody number plate.”

Media outlets are similarly despondent about the new name, and are expected to struggle to get it right in their listings.  Sky Sports, who took a good two seasons to work out the Ospreys had dropped their politically charged ‘Neath-Swansea’ prefix, plan to respond by pretending that North Wales does not in fact exist.

The WRU meanwhile maintain that, rather than sounding like the stocking code for a plywood coving joint,  the new name reflects the aspiration and future looking perspective of the team, by incorporating the year over six centuries ago when Owain Glyndwr proclaimed Welsh independence.  “You can’t knock Owain Glyndwr,” claimed Dai Pickering at the region’s official launch.  “You can get pitchers of SA for £10 each in there, and they even put on a stripper some Friday lunchtimes.”

Sources close to the Canadian Rugby Union believe that the name is based on the suggestion it tabled of ‘1664’, and believe they were given the green light (albeit a botched one) on account of supplying much of the professional playing base for the side’s first few seasons.  “Our French Canadian players are all partial to a drop of Kronenberg 1664, and really like that particular year, coming as it did…just before the plague,” quipped an unnamed maple syrup-sucking lumberjack mountie.