Welsh Rugby Row Erupts Over Horse Content

WRU Big Knob and management show-pony Roger Lewis has trotted out of the stables fighting over claims that the Welsh rugby squad has been found to contain more than 15% horse.  This week’s revelations go to the heart (and kidneys, liver and all mechanically recoverable connective tissue) of the Wales team’s recent on-field problems, and go some way to explaining why the first half performance against Ireland was so offal.

“We have meticulously recalled every carthorse that has ever played for Wales since 1992 and, with the exception of Jonathan Thomas, all have long since retired,” claimed Lewis.  “This is not a safety issue.  We are totally confident that the team due to take the field against France this weekend will be made of the right stuff.”

In related news, the IRB is coming under increasing pressure to reverse its decision of placing the Arsenal Ladies football team above Wales in its world ranking of rugby nations.  “We want fair play,” added Lewis.  “Arsenal have had a patchy season by their standards; I would expect to see us at least in the Top 100 along with the likes of Thailand and Andorra.”