Wales in haka nonresponse shocker

WRU officials were blasted earlier today by senior NZRFU elders as reports emerged suggesting that Wales plan on not responding to the haka this autumn.

“We’re hearing that, instead of monkeying around with anthems, standing still, standing in an funny shape or throwing grass around, Wales plan on just watching the haka then getting on with the game. Its a clear break with tradition and is unacceptable,” said NZRFU President Corey Awwwmate.

Sources in Wales seem to back up the rumours, “We’re trying something different that is for shoo-er.” burbled an unnamed source, “Not messing around during the haka and then getting on with the game is certainly innovative but we’re building the right synchronicity between backs and forwards and putting the right systems in place etc etc,” said another source who would only be identified as Haun Sholley.

However, a solution to the crisis may come from the regions: “We invite the All Blacks, should they be unhappy with arrangements at the Millenium Stadium, to take their pre match haka across the city to our magnificent new home at the Cardiff (definetly not City) Stadium,” said (cardiff) BLUES Chairman Peter Thomas. “The stadium has modern haka disruption facilities second to none and I’m sure our supporters would love to see the programme of mascot racing, flag waving and innane chatter we have planned for them if they accept our offer.”