Magners Blasted By Spazmo

Magners League chiefs have strenuously denied claims that the competition is part of a thought control experiment.

Conspiracy theories began circulating on the internet last season when many began to believe that Newport Gwent Dragons outside centre Rory Sidey did not in fact exist. US based conspiracy website offered a reward to anyone who could remember seeing Sidey on the field and could offer a description of him. Now Spazmo has upped the ante considerably by claming that whole matches televised by the BBC have been wiped from the memories of tv viewers.

“The Sidey thing, that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” said Denver based conspiracy theorist Dirk Heggerty, “Watch the Magners League regularly and its clear that someone somewhere is trying to mess with our minds. We’re being told that people sit at home every Friday to watch these games but can’t remember a single thing about them afterwards. It’s disturbing. We need to find out how deep this goes.”

This is not the first time Heggerty has turned his attention to Welsh rugby, “It all started back in the early 1990′s, when several Welsh internationals regularly appeared on team sheets but never appeared to do anything. We call it the Proctor anomaly. We believe thought experimentation within Welsh rugby could go back to the 70′s. Ever heard Max Boyce Live at Treorchy played backwards? That’s some freaky shit man.”