Henson Article Left Out of Newspaper.

Editors at the Western Mail made the shock decision to leave an article about Gavin Henson out of an edition of their ‘newspaper’. The Mail, voted Six Park Street, Cardiff’s Newspaper of the Week (w/c Monday 12th October 1998), decided on the surprise tactic of only running 3 articles about the one kick, two tackles, three times a lady sticky-up-hair superstar. “We’d only just done a memorial Charlotte Church pull-out special earlier that week with another 5 speculative stories on other members of the Henson family. We decided enough was enough.” explained Dave Shallow, Celebrity Editor for the Mail, in-between gulps of Merlot.

Experts have called for the piece to be published elsewhere. “We could farm it out to another paper,” commented Shallow “Or even send it to some bloke’s blog. If the worst comes to the worst, some tuppenny, halfpenny rugby website will run with the story. They’ll print any old crap.”