Alain Rolland’s French Actually Not That Good.

In a revelation that has SLAMMED international rugby to the core, it’s been claimed that Alain Rolland’s knowledge of the French language isn’t all that. Tom Phillips, who studied French until he didn’t pick it as an option in Form 4, is not impressed by the Irishman’s ‘so-called’ abilities. “He’s not once asked directions for either the library, or whatever a Gar is!” claimed some-time brick-layer Phillips. “I bet he doesn’t even know what ‘piscine’ means. I do. And I haven’t spoken French since I watched that educational relationship video of ‘Les Hommes Grandes sont arrivete VII’ added Phillips.

Paddy O’Brien, chief rugby ref supremo failed to respond to our phone calls. We did, however get through to the New Zealandish Speaking Clock (+New Zealand 001) and they went on record to say that it was “22 hours and 32 minutes precisely eh”?

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