Andy Powell Phone Hacking Revelations.

Gwlad can exclusively reveal that the hacking scandal, much like public transport, has now hit Wales three weeks after having started off in London. It is alleged that Wales star, Andy Powell’s voicemail has been hacked by paper (or papers) unknown. An insider, whose personality and charisma wishes to remain anonymous, has given Gwlad the low down on this low down activity. “It’s understood that the hacking has revealed over 200 voicemails to Powell’s mobile phone account” stated our source, Deep Heat. “Details have been emerging slowly, but these are said to include 54 calls from Andy Powell himself, after he mislaid the phone somewhere in his flat.” Other exclusive information includes 100+ attempts by Powell to order pizza from himself, and a spate of calls from car insurance salesmen. One conversation where Powell attempted to remind himself about a brilliant idea for a film he’d just had, “Vampire Bikini Commandos”, is believed to still be at the development stage.