Scarlets to Twin with Mumbai Indians

In a breakthrough move in the world of sport, The Scarlets are to share best practice with IPL 20:20 team the Mumbai Indians. “This is a great chance to talk statistics” said Scarlets coach Nigel Davies. “Although our sports might be radically different, I think that there’s a lot we can share. We can learn from one of the all-time legends of the sport of cricket, and Mumbai can find out what it’s like to act as a nurse in a promotional video from Tavis Knoyle.”

But Davies isn’t the only one mildly intrigued by his union. Sachin Tendulkar is also said to be keen about the move. Team-mate, ’80s female no-nonsense cop Dwayne Bravo stated “I’m sure Sach is very happy. One thing I know about the Sachster is that he’s almost certainly heard of either rugby or Wales. Almost definitely.” Dwayne has also learnt some key facts about Llanelli-based, Llanelli-owned Scarlets. “What I and the Sachmeister General particularly like is ‘West is Best’. As the Westest Indian in the squad, it really strikes a chord with me. And not one of those minor key chords that you get in all those post-punk bands. A proper honest chord like G or C.”

It’s thought that the Scarlets are also learning from some key benchmarking activities with the Mumbai Indians. “Obviously the Mumbai Indians are the most Indian of all cricket sides much in the same way that the Scarlets are the most Welsh of all rugby sides.” claimed Stuart Gallagher yesterday. Gallagher, who apparently doesn’t call all the shots down at Parc Y Scarlets anymore, but no one has been brave enough to tell him, went on to state that the Scarlets will go through another name change. “Inspired by the Mumbai Indians and their stadium India Park, the Scarlets will in future be known as the Cymro Llanelli / Llanelli Welshmen. We are the Welshest of Welsh. There’s no debate. All the rest of you are practically from Surrey.” stated Gallagher in traditional dress, yesterday.

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