Ireland to Apologise to IRB for Mrs Browns Boys

Some may say that it’s not enough that we in the UK are lending our nearest (in language terms – yes, I know it’s hard to believe they’re speaking English) neighbours £15,000 Quazillion to pay off what amounts to gambling debts. Now we in the UK have been inflicted by Mrs Browns Boys, an Irish “comedy” which is funny in much the same way that Bono is “Inspirational”. “You know it’s high time we amalgamated Iceland and Ireland into one great big financial accident waiting for somewhere to happen, and be done with it” stated former Welsh Rugby supremo, Graham Moffet in a dream I had last night.

2 thoughts on “Ireland to Apologise to IRB for Mrs Browns Boys”

  1. We’re not lending the Irish people that money. We’re lending it to the Irish banks, so that the Irish banks don’t go bankrupt, because that would cost European financial institutions too much money. So instead, we’re loaning the money to Ireland, so that they don’t default, and letting them decimate their economy so that they can pay it back.

    The Irish people and the Irish Government was under no obligation to guarantee the bondholders of the Irish banks, which are private institutions, not public ones. The Irish Government made an idiotic off-the-cuff promise that they’d guarantee the bondholders, and now the Irish people are left paying for it.

    Don’t believe for a moment that the Irish people have benefited from this. They’d have been far, far better off if they had let the banks default – something that they were legally and morally allowed to do. The Greeks have taken this option and are doing a lot better out of it. And the Greeks actually genuinely owed the money – the debts are public debts, not private ones, and they see themselves as under no obligation to repay.

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