Welsh Rugby Voters Vote ‘Yes’ For More Wins

Today, in a historic result for the people of Wales, 99% voted ‘Yes’ for more Welsh rugby wins and try scoring opportunities in the 2011 WRU Referendumb. Siefin Hefin, head of “Pass it to Shane” the pro-Welsh win alliance, stated this is a step towards sporting glory. “This makes this year’s Grand Slam one step closer. We’ve only got two games left and if we win them, nothing can stop us.” The turnout, which was limited to WRU headquarters, amounted to only 100 people (3% of the salaried staff of the WRU). Some commentators saw that as low. “When I see that turnout, it’s low” commentated one of them, yesterday. Even though the vote was today. Or yesterday if you’re reading this tomorrow.