Ospreys Trash Laibach

Super-crisis-club Ospreys FC have become embroiled in a potentially damaging rift with Laibach. The avant-garde band were SLAMMED by forwards and backs alike when their music graced the Neath-Swansea based team’s Christmas Charity fun night. “I dunno what the DJ was thinking!” said Cai Griffiths, on Twitter. “I was expecting a little bit of Phil Collins or Rick Astley, not that acquired taste nonsense.” he tweeted. Another member of the Galacticiau to complain was Lee Byrne. “It’s just avant-garbage if you ask me. Their cover album of Let It Be was an insult to all that hold Ringo Starr’s memory dear. Do you want to buy some gold?”

One thought on “Ospreys Trash Laibach”

  1. Well Laibach ‘ad it comin’ didn’t they, I mean those time signatures were soooooo last year and they murdered Stockhausen’s Die Sonne Ist Heiss suite with all that tinklin glass baloney. If Laibach think they can come to Port Talbot and get away with such a nauseating performance of regurgitated puke they’ve got another thing coming.

    Ger Evans
    Steel Company of Wales Progressive Music Club

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