Nigel Davies Delighted With 100 Per Cent Start.

The Magner’s League has started with a bang for Nigel Davies and the Super Soaraway Scarlets. Three days before the start of the season and they are yet to lose a Magner’s League Game. “This is a tremendous record and matches our other pre-Season non-Magner’s League Magner’s League records from our previous years.” wibbled Davies.

When it was pointed out that the Scarlets had still failed to score a point in any of the non-games, Davies quipped “That’s up there with the Leinsters, Munsters and Connaughghthughts of this world. So I’m happy. The youngsters have also equipped themselves well. They’ve made sure that this success hasn’t gone to their heads, bless ‘em. Daniel Evans is only 12! He drew me a picture of Stephen Jones kicking a ball. At least I think it’s a ball. It was purple anyway and a bit square. But I’ve put that picture on my fridge. And you can’t argue with quality like that!”

Gwlad’s ace reporter tracked down Scarlets’ forwards’ coach, Paul Moriarty. “I’m no longer Scarlets’ forwards’ coach” stated ex-Scarlets’ forwards’ coach, Paul Moriarty. “And what are you doing in my house? It’s four o’clock in the morning!!” he quipped.

In related news, Stuart Gallagher also no longer works with the club. Doesn’t anyone tell me anything???? Have I got to work all this stuff out for myself?