Fortress Stradey Remains Unconquered.

Llanelli have remained unbeaten at Stradey Park for 2 whole years. “This is a proud record across all tournaments, but it is one that we are working hard to keep” said a triumphant Nigel Davies yesterday. “We’ve taken on all comers this year and haven’t lost a single home game…… Stradey.” he added bullishly.

Stephen “Stephen” Jones has issued a challenge to all the other Welsh regiochises. “He’ve got one hell of a home record. Come and beat us (at Stradey) if you think you’re man enough for the job. I tell you something. YOU’RE NOT!!!!!! That’s right Ospreys, there’s no WAY you’re beating us ever again (at Stradey).”

In this reporter’s view, those are brave words. From a brave man.