Henson to Take Leave of His Senses.

In a bold move to allow one-man, crisis club Gavin “Gallactico” Henson time to relax, the Ospreys are believed to be considering allowing Henson to take complete leave of his senses.

“Coach” Shaun Holley stated, “It’s been a rough few years for Gavin. He missed out on a third Grand Slam, didn’t get signed up for Strictly Come Dancing and saw metrosexual grooming products advertising revenue being taken by such global superstars as Tiger Woods, Thierry Henry, Roger Federrererer and, I don’t know, Danny Dyer. Look, I don’t spend all day long watching adverts. I’ve got defensive patterns to wish I knew something about. Don’t you know how busy I’m pretending to be?”

This leave of absence is said to include journeying outside the current plains of existence into another reality.

“I’ve always been interested in parallel universes,” moaned Henson.  “Like what would a world where Germany won the Battle of Britain be like? What difference would it make if it were the Newport GWENT Dragons and What if Spiderman had joined the Fantastic Four.”

One kick, two tackles, three dimensions Henson may decide to travel outside the whole of time / space itself into totally uncharted territory. “As long as they’ve got ITV4 on Freeview, I’d be happy. I loves a bit of Poirot, I does. Oh and Aerobics Oz Style. But don’t tell Charlotte! She hates Ozzies. She reckons they’ve all got lice,” said the gelled, tanned, waxed latter day Barry John, yesterday.