Christian Loader Finds Roundabouts Such a Nuisance

Following the Western Mail’s lead in dredging up any old rugby-related crap to talk about in the absence of actual fixtures or compelling transfer gossip, Gwlad is ready to lift the lid on how former Wales international prop Christian Loader feels about traffic management in 2010.

“Back when I learnt how to drive, it was in a car rather than in a line-out which is where today’s props have to concentrate so much of their tactical driving play,” said Loader, while being encouraged to do so by an increasingly bored and desperate rugby reporter.  “What’s more, people who don’t indicate at roundabouts are like opposing props who eye-gouge.  Consideration is what I’m talking about.”

Another extremely interesting fact about Christian Loader is the origin of his name.  “It comes from Roman times, when Christian Loaders were in big demand by the amphitheatres,” he added, with trademark uncompromising relish. 

Next week:  Ex-Wales wing replacement Simon Hill reflects on telephone switchboards.