Percy Montgomery to undergo gender test

South African sport was rocked by another scandal last night after it emerged that SARFU had demanded that Percy Montgomery undergo a gender test.  The move follows an independent review of South African players expense submissions from the 2007 World Cup Finals and is being likened to the furore surrounding 800m he/she runner Caster Semenya being forced to prove he/she is a woman.

Former Newport stalwart Rod Snow says the Newport squad always had their doubts about Montgomery.  “He’d turn up for training in his kit then go straight home again without changing.  He said he had a state of the art power shower in his home in Liswerry and preferred to use that.  We did see him naked a few times after away matches but just assumed he was doing that thing where you stick your cock and balls between your legs and pretend you’re a woman.  The boys love that.”

The move could see all future Springboks having to prove their gender before being allowed to don the Green jersey a SARFU spokesman revealed, adding “we’ve got a proud record of discrimination in our country and this just adds another string to our bow.”

Gary Teichmann, former Newport skipper, leapt to his countryman’s defence saying “Percy’s got nothing to prove.  He’s done everything possible in rugby and no one can take that away.  He’s got nothing to hide”.  However, when pressed by Gwlad for details of the Newport preseason tour of Bangkok in 2000 Teichman would only say “What goes on tour stays on tour”.

Francois Pienaar refused to comment.

Percy Montgomery (left)

Percy Montgomery (left)