Comments approved in shock update

In a move which will startle some, shock others, and worry many, a number of old comments on previous posts have now been accepted. Management retain the right to delete or otherwise mock comments which have been provisionally accepted, particularly if they mention Llanelli.

Gwlad regulars will be encouraged to know that the standard of spam received is consistently higher than comments made by board users. In an attempt to improve the tone in here, we are pleased to share some of our favourite spam comments:

сотовые аксессуары – There’s a wealth of information here. I’ll be back again.

Prosolution Pills – And now, thanks to the complete virility formula for men in ProSolution Pills, getting there is easier than ever to increase your sexual potency.

hotspot shield – How much money can I make just holding up a cardboard sigh begging for money? [Probably quite a lot. Ed.]

Элеонора – Автор молодец))))хих Скажите, а у вас есть RSS поток в этом блоге? [No. Ed.]

Peter – Thank you! You often write very interesting articles. You improved my mood.

Jeraemma – It is the coolest site, keep so!, Herpes Symptoms Female [Good luck with that. Ed.]

buy ambien without a prescription – deployments stemming fabianist jama escalating semantic midzeks estonian bbsrcs memorial medieval confer Saimlorektos Polapompos

aciphex – Vice versa! Just the opposite!

reception – Weird… I just found your site by searching for squirrel torture on Google! [Actually, that seems to be quite common. Ed.] – So everyone knows that it would seriously hurt if you did get shot right there but your not exactly going to have a serious chance of getting killed so it’s much more sensible to have a bullet proof vest rather than pants, plus you may have to put something pretty heavy there so it might way you down a bit. [Did you mean to post that in Banjo? Ed.]

Christopher – The author perfectly. Just do not poke where you can only advertising.

buy detrol – I am going to check you temperature. [Thank you. Ed.]


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