Rugby clubs of Wales unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains.

The pressure on the Welsh Rugby Union continues to grow. The silence from Roger Lewis and David Pickering is deafening. Yesterday, the Welsh Rugby Union decided to cancel a meeting with Regional Rugby Wales. This was the much-trumpeted meeting between RRW and the “full board” of the WRU. So much for that. What are the WRU scared of?

In the next few days, disgruntled Welsh rugby clubs, the owners of the WRU who are the lifeblood of our national game, will be writing to the WRU to call for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). They have had enough of the autocratic dictatorship and incompetence of our sport’s governing body.

Here’s what they’re going to be saying:

“In accordance with Clause 30 of the articles of association we hereby serve notice that we, the undersigned, request that you proceed to convene and hold an extraordinary general meeting of the Company and in accordance with the aforesaid articles, to vote on the following motion:

That the WRU have not been acting in the best interests of Welsh Rugby and in particular the 320 clubs who are the members of the WRU. Specifically the Chairman and Board of the WRU have either deliberately or by oversight allowed the following to occur:

  1. The CEO and the Executive to confirm the Leagues for season 2014/15. The new league structure was decided with no direct input from clubs. In recent meetings with the Districts the WRU was informed that the new league structure was unacceptable. The Executive have ignored the clubs and have not provided a viable alternative. To date clubs have not been directly informed by the WRU of their intentions
  2. The CEO and Executive to continue paying down debt at a rate that is detrimental to the clubs.
  3. The CEO and Executive to allow the cost of tickets and management of the ticketing office to spiral out of control.
  4. The CEO and Executive to operate without a proper business and strategic plan that has been communicated in full to all stakeholders.
  5. The CEO and Executive to withhold urgently needed funding to all levels of the game despite reporting £11million in Reserves in FY2013.
  6. Despite a promise from the Chairman, CEO and President to provide the facts to contradict a ‘scurrilous’ and inaccurate financial expose by a former WRU Group CEO David Moffett, they have not done so.
  7. Since 2007 the CEO and Executive have failed to recognise the urgent need to evolve the Professional, Semi Professional and Community games in line with best practice.
  8. The Board, have themselves, not followed best practice as recommended by the UK Government and the Board of WRU is not fit for purpose.
  9. Despite a document entitled A Manifesto for Change provided to all clubs by former WRU Group CEO, David Moffett, and numerous attempts by him to contact the Chairman, the WRU has ignored its existence whilst belatedly announcing identical strategies many weeks after its release.

We demand that at the EGM the WRU Chairman answer these and related questions. Further, we would like you to note that Mr David Moffett will be present at the EGM and will be presenting the case for a vote of no confidence on our behalf.

At the end of the meeting we will call for a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the Chairman and Board of the WRU [and Millennium Stadium] if, in the opinion of the members present they do not provide honest and truthful and/or acceptable answers to these questions.

If such a vote is called for and successful, the members will proceed to install an Interim Board in accordance with Article 56 of the Company’s articles of association to manage the WRU’s affairs until the members are able to elect a new Board.”

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  1. Lots of porkie pies with lots of Apple sauce. I might print this article out, just so that I might actually wipe my bottom with it.

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