Leinster A Changes Name to ‘Leinster B’ Ahead of Sardis Road Clash

Pontypridd’s treble challenge is all but over with the devastating news that British & Irish Cup semi-final opponents Leinster A have changed their name to Leinster B.  Under a little known tournament directive brought in by the IRFU, this disqualifies the semi-pro team on grounds of indecency, compelling double Heineken Cup champions and current Pro12 league leaders Leinster to take up the tie.

“Typical – we expected them to bring in a couple of ringers but to change the entire team is taking the piss!” claimed Ponty coach Geraint Lewis.  “They’ve got 1,052 caps across their side, and that’s not even counting any of the South Africans.  We had a few ringers planned as well mind, but I may as well phone Pete and Rob Sidoli right now and tell ‘em not to bother…”

“This administrative oversight is very unfortunate and we can’t understand how it might have happened or who could have been motivated to make such a mistake,” said County Kildare, a Leinster spokesperson.  “Tournament regulations for such a heinous offence set the penalty at 1 Euro, but I think we’re likely to appeal it.”

One thought on “Leinster A Changes Name to ‘Leinster B’ Ahead of Sardis Road Clash”

  1. Welsh Players to be tought how to tell the time! After Pontypridd’s exit from the B&I Cup there were calls from certain quarters for all Welsh player to be thought how to tell the time. With Pontypridd leading the game in the final minutes they repetedly kicked the ball into touch thinking (wrongly) that time was up. The referee, who is the sole arbiter when it come to the fi nal whistle thought otherwise and Leinster ‘A’ ‘B’ or ‘C’ went on to win the match. Dafyed Duck

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