The World XV that Argentina would love to tuck into

Famous for their fondness for beef at every meal, Argentina are a collection of big lads who stink of mince at the best of times.  Wales insist on closing the roof against them if rain is forecast, to prevent the honk of beaten leather becoming too much of a distraction.

In honour of their passion for meat-related foodstuffs, has carefully researched an all time World XV for them to stick their teeth into.  Buen apetito!

Coach: Declan Kidney

1. Gethin Jenkins (aka Melon)
A traditional starter to a big feast
2. Gordon Bulloch
But you couldn’t eat a whole one, surely?
3. Dave Hilton (aka McChop)
Questionable whether this Bristolian butcher is in fact from a Scottish source
4. John Eels
This misspelt slippery Aussie packs a punch
5. Hoani McDonald
Not the best quality, but that’s McDonald’s for you
6. Schalk Burger
Need we say more?
7. Martyn Williams (aka Nugget)
This bite sized morsel is not ‘chicken’
8. Sebastian Cheval (oh alright… Chabal)
Thoroughbredly good eating though
9. Gavin Cattle
Mooooooving the pack all over the pitch
10. Ryan Lamb
This diminutive playmaker has purportedly tender joints.  Shame he’s only from an English farm.
11. Clyde Rathbone
Something to nibble on, in a hurry
12. Mike Catt
Had a fantastic Korea
13. Jannie de Beer
The perfect accompaniment
14. Tom Shanklin (aka Shanks)
Best if slow-cooked, which is just as well as he gets slower every season
15. Dusty Hare
A bit old but still a delicacy

Have we missed anyone out, or worse still over-cooked it?

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