The sun always shines on WRU TV

The Welsh Rugby Union have launched a set of Dementia clocks and pan-Wales touch rugby leagues which will start this summer. Touch rugby is great fun, a good way of keeping fit and a safe introduction to the full game. It also helps to develop some of the key skills needed to play the game.

So what’s the problem?

Rugby clubs. Or the lack of them.  The WRU announcement makes no mention of rugby clubs whatsoever. Call me old-fashioned, but I thought the WRU was a Union of Welsh rugby clubs (hence the name).

It would seem to make sense to someone who isn’t living in the crazy parallel universe inhabited by the people who run our national game, that rugby clubs should be involved in a development initiative like this.

But instead, the WRU have set up their own project, diverting more funds away from the grass roots and into another pet project run from the Vale of Glamorgan “Centre of Excellence.”

This is happening against the backdrop of a crisis in our club game. Local clubs are being starved of funds, threatening their very existence.

Rugby clubs are already there, with volunteers and facilities to support these new initiatives. Get kids and grown-ups down to your local club in the summer to play touch, and they may return in the Autumn to play the full game. At the same time supporting the grass roots game which is the life blood of our national game and our communities.

Yet again the WRU has sacrificed the greater good of all Welsh rugby just to gain a few minutes of headlines.

It would be interesting to hear the views of other rugby clubs’ members, coaches and volunteers.

4 thoughts on “The sun always shines on WRU TV”

  1. Last year, the WRU were awarded about £1m from Sport Wales to set up touch across the country. So I don’t think it’s diverting money in this case. Unless it’s cost more than the £1m.

    However, Wales already has a well established touch rugby system, and the £1m should really have been awarded to the WTA. The WRU worked with the WTA last year and things seemed to be going well (if you ignore the fact that up in the north, the WRU did a grand total of f*ck all – the league was entirely organised and run by North Wales Touch). This year they appear to have ditched the WTA again. They’ve effectively stolen the game.

    The WRU can’t even run rugby union properly. Now they want to screw up touch too.

  2. How do you know they’re diverting funds from grassroots? Have you audited their finances?
    Perhaps this is one of those ‘get the public into sport’ schemes, for which they receive the public money that your odious little crew were whispering in Betty Jenks’ ear about.
    All in all this sounds like yet more scaremongering from the crazy ultra.

    1. You’re a right charmer, aren’t you? It stands to reason (unless you’re an idiot) that if they’re spending money on this, they have less to spend on other things. You have to be quite thick not to get this.

  3. Great article. I saw 4 bus loads of kids at the Vale yesterday. Rugby clubs are also struggling financially so to get new members and families involved would be a win win.
    Typical WRU.

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