Shanklin Just Can’t Stop Talking About “The Wire”

Cardiff RFC, Cardiff Blues, Wales and Lions centre/wing/Duracell bunny Tom Shanklin can’t stop talking about the HBO hit, ‘The Wire’. “I’ve never been to Baltimore in my life, but that’s EXACTLY how it is” explained Tom. “I was due to go out to play in South Africa for the Lions but luckily I got injured and was able to stay up ridiculously late every week night to watch it. Did you know that the guy who played Omar is from Hackney or something? I heard they were going to give the part to Danny Dyer but it clashed with him writing a column for Zoo” enthused Gareth Thomas lookalike Shanklin. “And then when !!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!! Went and killed ***************** that was so cool especially as he was ******************* in the head!!!!!!!! That’s just mixed up, crazy ass stuff right there. Mo’ def” claimed Shanklin, unrealistically.