EA Rugby 2010 Game Cheats Revealed.

It was revealed today that if you type in C H E A T S as your team name for upcoming EA Rugby 2010, you can chose to play as Munster. Other hidden features include:

* Playing London Irish as a team made up of Irish players with a home venue in London

* Choosing Wayne Barnes as ref means that you can pass the ball forward when playing against the All Blacks.

* Pressing Kick once and Tackle twice allows you to play Gavin Henson for either the Ospreys or Wales but not the Lions or during World Cup matches.

* Tannoy announcements of Ryan Jones can be made to pronounce his name as RYYYYYYAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN JOOOOOOOOONNNESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!1

* Losing the ability to pick any Fijian, Samoan, Tongan or Cook Islander to play for New Zealand.

* Typing circle, square and cross at the same time switches the teams to Conference rules.

* Typing RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT means you can choose to play in the Gwlad Canterbury kit