Gordon Brown Solves National Debt Problem

Under fire Chancel……Prime Minister Gordon Brown has unveiled his new plan to get Britain back on track financially. In a break from tradition, the Scarlets are to pay back all the money they’ve taken from the WRU directly into the Treasury. “This won’t just deal with our debt, we’ll also buy some more banks, reduce all income tax to 10% and rid the world of poverty” said the Loser-in-Chief, yesterday. The left over money is believed to be enough to cure all known diseases, some unknown diseases and some diseases that you know but which you haven’t kept in touch with in a long time, you see it’s so busy with kids, they take up all your time and when you’ve finally got them to bed and off to sleep you’ve only got the energy to sit in front of the telly and veg out for a bit. You still living in Bath? Oh, you moved in 1997. Doesn’t time fly?