Gavin Hens-gone?

So it seems the Ospreys and Gavin’s medical advisors have no idea what is wrong with him. A few weeks ago there was talk of him jacking it in, or going to rugby league. Whatever happens to him, it seems one of Welsh rugby’s most prodigious talents has been recklessly wasted through bad management and a lack of care.

The best thing Henson can do, is to get fit and find himself a club who can look after him. The Ospreys clearly aren’t up to the task.

4 thoughts on “Gavin Hens-gone?”

  1. Christ! Henson, Henson, Henson.
    That’s all we have on slow news days… and now Gwl@d too.
    I’ve given up hoping/praying/wishing for his return – reset my sights on the rest of the Ospreys team.. if he comes back – great! If he doesn’t, we’ll have to get by without.
    But, it’s all been said time and time and time again – there’s nothing new here; move along!

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