Irish Stew!

The world of rugby was rocked to its foundations today as another Irish international chucked his bunch of sour grapes into the ongoing row which I’ve just decided to christen “Snubgate.”

“Fecking Gatland!” wailed the former-crack-touchline-hugger Simon “Mad Trout Up A Burn”¬†Geoghegan from his retirement home in Bognor Regis.

“It doesn’t matter that I’m 44 and haven’t played international rugby for 17 years. I’m still a better finisher than George North. And I’ve got blond hair.”

“I sat by the phone all night waiting for the call-up for the third test, but it never came. This is worse than the time when I was overlooked in favour of Tony Underpants in 1993.”

Asked if he knew who might be responsible for alleged death threats received by Lions squad members, he responded, “How the feck should I know? We don’t do dat tort a ting.”

4 thoughts on “Irish Stew!”

  1. I for one am loving those sour grapes. Wood & Byrne – a couple of old Irish hookers – and BOD himself just the very latest to add “talking bollocks” to their respective lists of illustrious achievements. The sentimental undertone seems to be that, knowing the Welsh-dominated Lions XV would smash the Aussies in the final test, the least that bastard Gatland could have done would be to honour the sacred legacy of Brian O’Driscoll by picking him instead of a better performing player. BOD is probably the player of his generation, but he should face up to the fact that none of his skill and ability counted decisively in three successive Lions tours, and it would have been four if Gats hadn’t had shaken it all up. He pissed a lot of people off with a selection that ultimately demonstrated he got it damn right. History will record that fact and you just look like a cock if you dispute it.

  2. If “BOD himself is more concerned with GAA” 2 days before the start of the new rugby season, Gatland was right to drop him as his mind obviously isn’t on the job.

  3. Escalating? It’s a non story here lad. Cork against and Clare this weekend and the great Dublin Kerry match last weekend are dominating the sporting world of the Gaels, even Bod himself is more concerned with GAA at the moment. He made one comment in a big interview. The country doesn’t give a toss.

    You little Englanders seem far more concerned with “snub gate” than the Irish are. Thankfully with GAA Irish sport can entertain itself with a lot more than a three game rugby tour against a shit Australia team which was forgotten the day after it finished.

    1. Wow Carraig, despite not giving a stuff about rugby you’ve still managed to hunt down a blog post berating Irish rugby players for moaning and managed to drum up the enthusiasm to write a long winded reply about it. The Irish Internet Police Force is an amazing thing to behold. I can’t imagine what you must do for things you do care about.

      I assume that geography/language is also on the list of things you don’t care about.

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