Changes to the Gwladrugby forums

Gwlad has been running as a non-profit-making concern for over 15 years now. The burden of administering the site in terms of cost and effort has grown considerably over time.

The number of admins has stayed the same, and a steady trickle of income from loyal supporters has helped to keep things going.

However, this income stream is unsustainable and we need to seek a more consistent method of funding the site if it is to continue operating.

Alongside this we have had persistent problems with spam accounts, multiple logins, trolling, abuse and other issues which spoil the Gwlad experience for the vast majority of users.

We know many of you are happier to “lurk” and never post any messages, either because you’re worried about getting flamed or abused, or you just don’t think it’s worth the effort. We understand.

For these reasons we’ve decided to change the way in which Gwlad is operated and funded.

From the beginning of September, Gwladrugby is introducing a subscription system for our chat forums.

This means that if you want to post in the forums, you will have to pay an annual fee to be a member.

The forums will be open to all via “guest” read-only access. Non-members will be able to read the forums but not post to them.

The annual fee for 2013 and 2014 will be ten pounds. We will also be changing the terms and conditions of membership. As a subscriber, you will still have to behave responsibly and stick to the rules.

We hope you understand the reasons for these changes. We’ll make a further announcement to advise you exactly when the changes will be happening and what you need to do.


The Admins