31 thoughts on “Hello Gwlad!”

  1. It is a bit of a recent tradition to have an English blindside flanker e.g. Teague, Ben Clarke.

  2. Look, this is the 21st Century. If you really want to keep all that historical bullshit then we can turn the colour of the page to blue and call it Cardiff Arms Gwl@d. Of course you’ll have to pay the owners £9m for the pleasure. But no greyhound track!

  3. I was just going to post pics of bosses’ daughter. But now I don’t know how to. Gwlad’s loss.

  4. I was wondering if any one ia able to have a serious debate about a serious issue? I am talking about debentures and certain irregularities that have occured. Anyone like to join the debate?

  5. Gwlad Rugby (www.gwladrugby.com) is one of the most significant rugby union discussion forums on the internet , and certainly the one with the greatest sense of community, as evidenced by its massive support base (nearly 9,000 members), international flavour and ability to carry on despite financial crises that would ruin small countries, or indeed the Welsh Rugby Union it so often parodies mun.

  6. Was it the gwladettes’ perving thread that killed Gwlad? Help me Ceri G, you’re my only hope! Don’t make me go and do things like housework…

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