Gwlad is NOT shit shocker! The Collective Consciousness of Sheep

Virtually every community in Wales has a rugby club. But how many virtual communities can boast the same?

There is one Welsh community based in the ether that has managed to create and actually play as an official rugby club. RFC is a bona-fide, WRU registered club. Its players talk a lot about rugby, mostly bullshit, but rarely put on a pair of boots – outside the bedroom.

The halcyon days of their rugby prowess were not in their youth, it never happened. Rose-tinted, redefined memories. Their ability improved with age, their proximity to once being a shoe-in for a Welsh Cap becomes closer with every new inflammation of their piles.

But how can a chat forum have the ubiquitous posts visible in every village and town of Wales? Posts are the remit of PhilBB, post-master general, no greater erector of posts than he. And unlike the askew and rusty posts in the villages, the posts of Gwlad are a paragon of spelling, grammar and punctuation. This mostly due to Chili, the pedant master, a man whose sole purpose is to keep posts straight and correct.

So GwladRugby RFC gets to play on Cardiff Arms Park. PhilBB is upset, it’s HIS ground and HIS favourite club – we feel like the son-in-law who didn’t ask the bride’s father for her hand.

Timekeeper for the match? It’s not Gouldina, he doesn’t have a watch – he thinks the world can be run from an Android phone – he needs to tell ATTR, the Ref.

And so it is, a bunch of bullshitting rugby fans have the collective wherewithal to organise a charity match at Cardiff Arms Park on the day of the Wales v. South Africa International match. A game against Magor Vets – we’re assuming Veterans rather than animal doctors.

The cause is in support of the family of Stuart Williams, the Ponty Prop, who died suddenly on 21st October.
So it’s 9th November, noon kick-off and donations via

If the players can get off the computer and make an effort the least ewe can do is pop along and support.