Ospreys Tout Spare Tight-Head for Weddings, Bar-Mitzvahs etc.

One of Swansea’s leading rugby surplus outlets has announced a half-price offer on its Moldovan tight-head prop.  The newly stocked Moldovan, who comes from Moldova, can juggle, intimidate people and sing the German versions of all David Hasselhoff’s greatest hits.  He is also learning how to scrummage.

“He’s what we call versatile,” remarked overemployed physiotherapist Andrew Hore, the only one wearing a suit at the Ospreys Rugby Warehouse.  “Given the trouble we had to go through to get him a work permit, I hope the people in this particular part of South West Wales appreciate why he can do what no-one we might have phoned at any of the 293 member clubs of the WRU can do.”