PWC Uncovers the Bleeding Obvious in Just 11 Months

One of the world’s leading consultancy practices is basking in universal glory and acclaim, after taking little more than 300 days to tell Welsh rugby what it had already worked out for itself during a morning tea break in late 2011.

Inspired by some of mankind’s greatest feats of race-against-time administration such as LiveAid, the international humanitarian response to the Haiti disaster, and the Western Mail’s overnight construction of a 48-page supplement “1001 Things About the London Olympics Which Are At Least Partially Welsh”, top project consultants hired by the WRU and Welsh rugby regions wasted no time at all arriving at their novel, searching, and thought provoking conclusions about the national game.  These are that:

1. Each rugby region needs something called money in order to operate

2. There isn’t really enough money

3. In future, money could come from where it currently does, but in larger quantities, ideally

4. Some extra management committees, working groups, collaboration workshops and such like are probably a great idea

5. …as would be another report, if anyone’s interested

In related news, the WRU has put out a tender notice for a new £75,000 consultancy contract, entitled: “New Money: Old Rope”.