The Gwladrugby Songbook

One of the things us Welsh are famous for is our love of a good sing-song. One thing you can count on, in victory or defeat, is a pissed-up Welsh person belting out Calon Lan or stumbling over the words to Oes Gafr Eto.

With the help of contributors to the Gwlad chat forum, our very own Capten Synhwyrol has lovingly maintained this songbook to help you remember the words to your favourite hymns and songs. Maybe it’ll encourage you to expand your repertoire, or even join in with the Marseillaise.

So click, download, print out (environmental conditions apply), sing and enjoy.

The Gwladrugby songbook is a 1Mb PDF format file – you will need Adobe Reader or similar to read it.

Gwladrugby Songbook