Gethin Jenkins’ Try Visible From Moon.

It’ll be a famous first that will be testing schoolboys (but not girls) for years to come: which international try was the first to be visible from the surface of the moon? Today, Gethin ‘They Call Me Mr Jenkins’ Jenkins 110m run for the line (that many are christening ‘The Try Heard Around the World’) finally made it into the record books.

“I know not many people have heard of Namibia,” stated Gethin modestly, “I for one thought that it might be made up, like Tonga. Or perhaps it’s an insurance firm, like Swift Lombard Churchill Ltd.Com. But today was a great feeling. When I sidestepped those last ten men and blew up that tank with my laser eyes, I just knew I was part of something bigger than myself.” Schoolmasters throughout the land were united in their acclaim for Gethin. One such man, an English teacher from Barnstaple gushed “What the hell are you asking me for? I don’t know the first thing about rugby and am in the middle of a poetry class. Who let you in?? Come back! I say, COME BACK!”

Experts are already putting details of THE try down as one of the most important, fundamental pieces of trivia the world has ever known. Prof Brian Cox, the Electro-pop genius stated “Knowing Gethin scored this try will be as important as knowing who won the Spanish Inquisition or that Al Capone died of Tax Evasion. They’ll be talking about it for trillions of trillions of trillions of loads of trillions of Parsecs.”