UK Signals Revolution in Energy Policy.

Current UK energy policy is going to go through a radical change, government forces have confirmed. Following England’s recent defeat to Wales, it was decided that the national grid is to harness the power of Neil Warnock’s post-match moaning. “I can’t believe that Wales got so many penalties. To have 2 of them awarded to them so far away from the English goal-line in the dying minutes of the game was a travesty. I’m absolutely livid.” harped on the QPR manager. “And the ref stopped the match 10 minutes early. I mean who pays these guys wages. I hope it’s not the FA!!!!” he continued.

A government spokesman has said that if their predictions are correct, Warnock generated power could mean the UK reaches it’s Kyoto Agreement targets 5 years early. “If we extrapolate this out until 2050, we should be able to start exporting power to the sun.” she concluded.