Godspeed Richard Parks!

For anyone who is hitting a point in their life where they sit back and look at what they’ve truly achieved and experienced and are starting to feel a bit down at the fact that it’s involved too much fizzy lager, chips and urinating on cashpoints and much too little of anything of any actual use, please, for the love of God and your own sanity, do not venture near any news of Richard Parks and his amazing stunning feats of balls-out courage. It may just make you want to curl up into a little ball at the bottom of your airing cupboard and have a little sob.

Looking to make his final push to the summit of Everest as part of his gruelling 737 challenge for charity, if anyone deserves the privilege of being able to look down on the rest on the world right now it’s this guy. And a lot more of the world should be looking up to him.

Today, the world apparently would much prefer the idea of hearing about some whales being stranded, a rich French bloke being in a prison and a load of politicians failing to sort out the middle-east again. It would be great if a lot more people started pointing the media’s attention to a selfless guy currently devoting his life to supporting a charity by living on the edge of human endurance and showing immense courage and humility in the process. It wouldn’t hurt anyone over the next couple of days if their brains opened up to give a bit of attention to one of the world’s good guys, and the media could improve it’s own reputation a bit by lending a hand.

Here’s hoping this reaches a wider cyber-audience, more people support what Richard is doing and above all else, he comes home safe and sound to the hero’s welcome he deserves. Godspeed Richard Parks.

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