“Looks Weak” RIP May 17th 2011

After many years of hopeless prediction, “Looks Weak” will no longer be used by Welsh sports fans as the barometer of informed insight. Instead as of Tuesday May 17th 2011, it’s place will be taken by “heh, gonna be a looooong season for the Jacks”. While technically correct (Swansea City will be playing one week longer than most Championship teams), this prediction made on Welsh work avoidance website Glw@d, shows the knowledge you’d expect of a true genius. All the early indications (an away loss and a new manager) pointed to a season fighting off relegation. Instead the Swansea United team are only eighty minutes away from League 1 soccer next season. I think I speak for all on Gwlad when I say “I’m not even sure what day the game is on.”