Hits to Gwlad Frontpage Rise by 240,000,000 Per Cent

Due to an unknown cause, the number of hits received by the quite frankly mundane and repetitive Gwlad front page have undergone an unforeseen rise in the last few days. A number of front page stories, which often claim to have interviews with famous people but are actually all made up, have actually been read for the first time. “This is amazing news for all associated with Gwlad” said President Barack Obama, probably yesterday. “What’s rugby?” he added later.

Other freak occurrences that Welsh, computer owning rugby fans have witnessed have involved talking to people face to face, watching a rugby game without typing about it and buying the Bonekickers BlueRay on Amazon. “I don’t know what to do” stated Wales saviour James Hook “Without a load of fat blokes whining or championing my game, I’m lost amid a sea of uncertainty. It’s like I’m on the moon or something.” said Wales liability Hook.