Anthem Comments Court More Unwanted Controversy for Henson

Arctic dancer and sometime orange rugby player Gavin Henson has claimed that the words to the Welsh National Anthem are all wrong and that its tune isn’t as good as England’s.

“England’s anthem starts with the word God, which is a much more positive and inspirational opener than ours, which starts with Hen,” commented Henson, over high tea at the Ritz.  “Starting it with Henson would be a much better option.  In fact, I always sung it like that anyway.” 

PR guru Clifford Max believes this latest outburst is a vain attempt to keep Henson in the spotlight, in the run up to the launch of ‘It’s a Hard Life’; Henson’s new book.

“He’ll want to get back on the telly with a quip like that, as being in the Western Mail doesn’t really count.”