Welsh Rugby Enters Guinnesss Bookk of Records

Yet another success story for Welsh rugby today as the national team is the first to reach 10,000 mindless stupid penalties in a season. And it’s only November.

“This is a great day for pigheadedly thinking the referee is looking in a different direction from the ball for 2 continuous minutes, which to be fair, they often do” beamed Ryan Jones. “We had thought that Jonathan Thomas’ cloak of invisibility may confuse the officials, but luckily this was countered by him wearing a smoking jacket, dark glasses and lots of bandages around his head.”

Head three-pointer was One of the Bishop brothers. True to his name, he runs diagonally into any penalty creating opportunities. “It’s a technique that is becoming a bit of a trade mark. At least it would be if it wasn’t swallowed up in the shere number of insanely dunderheaded penalties the team manages to give away. We’re currently so bad, we’re hoping to be sponsored by the IRB Reffing Panel.”